Contest – Bench more than Coach Kurt

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Instructions to Enter

Record yourself lifting your max bench press. Send the video of your max bench to [email protected] . Please make sure it's clear how much you are lifting.


  • Grand Prize will get a 15 second highlight as the background of our home page, a t-shirt and other prizes.
  • Everyone who beats Coach Kurt will receive a "I Can Out Bench Coach Kurt" t-shirt and special mention on our website
  • Top 3 lifts for each position also get a to be determined prize and recognition as the strongest players at their position.
  • Top 25 lifts at each position will be posted on our "Strongest Players" page


  • Make sure the bar touches your chest and you fully lock out your arms.
  • If you increase your bench press after your first entry, send an updated video of your lift.
  • You can update your lifts an unlimited amount of times up to the deadline.
  • We'll evaluate for accuracy and accept or deny your entry and ask you to resend a more clear copy.
  • Contest ends and winners will be announced July 31, 2019