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  • i2o College Rating Tool -- Sure you are being evaluated, but here is where you evaluate the schools recruiting you and determine how they fit your needs. Rate by culture, location, interest in you, location, roster, and more.  See how they stack up and what they can offer you as a student and athlete.
  • i2o College Worksheet -- have you applied, been accepted, done your FASFA?  What are the costs for Tuition and Room & Board?  How much Financial Aid and Scholarships are you getting? This is where you track everything.
  • Qualifier Checklist -- Where do I go to apply to a school? Do I need to fill out an application for every school I'm interested in? Where do I go to make sure I am NCAA or NAIA eligible? Where can I get information on SAT and ACT tests?   All the links and information is here.
  • i2o Report -- Summary report that gives you all the information you need to narrow things down to your top choices. 

Download all the recruiting information floating around in your head into our system and compare your schools side-by-side.

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Still Want To Keep All That Recruiting Information In Your Head?

  • Where do you have offers or close to getting an offer?
  • Where have you applied?
  • Where have you been accepted?
  • Which schools do you think are the best fit and why?
  • How much financial aid is each school offering?
  • How much scholarship are you getting vs. cost of the school?
  • Are you eligible to play?
  • Know where to find more scholarship money?
With Interest2Offer, it won't be in your head or in scattered notes around the house.

Ask how to get your video posted here.

Ask how to get your video posted here